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Senior Ladies Tough Div 1 Campaign

posted 4 Apr 2012, 02:17 by Shaun-Marty Lawless

Senior division 1

Clann Eireann




Armagh Harp




Round 1 Wed 18th April                                                                                 Round 8 Sat 2nd June

Killeavy v Cross maglen                                                                                 Crossmaglen v Killeavy

Clann Eireann V Ballyhegan                                                                         Ballyhegan v Clann Eireann

Carrickcruppen v Dromintee                                                                       Dromintee v Carrickcruppen

Armagh Harps v Bye                                                                                       Armagh Harps v bye


Round 2 Sat 21st April                                                                                     Round 9 Wed 13th June

Armagh Harps v Clann Eireann                                                                   Clann Eireann v Armagh Harps

Dromintee v Killeavy                                                                                      Killeavy v Dromintee

Ballyhegan v Carrickcruppen                                                                      Carrickcruppen v Ballyhegan

Crossmaglen v bye                                                                                          Crossmaglen v bye


Round 3 Sat 28th April                                                                                    Round 10 Sat 16th June

Crossmaglen v Dromintee                                                                            Dromintee v Crossmaglen

Carrickcruppen v Armagh Harps                                                                                Armagh Haprps v Carrickcruppen

Killeavy v Ballyhegan                                                                                      Ballyhegan v Killeavy

Clann Eireann v bye                                                                                        Clann Eireann v bye


Round 4 Wed 2nd May                                                                                    Round 11 Sat 23rd June

Clann Eireann v Carrickcruppen                                                                 Carrickcruppen v Clann Eireann

Ballyhegan v Crossmaglen                                                                           Crossmaglen v Ballyhegan

Armagh Harps v Killeavy                                                                                                Killeavy v Armagh Harps

Dromintee v bye                                                                                              Dromintee v bye


Round 5 Wed 9th May                                                                                    Round 12 Wed 4th July

Dromintee v Ballyhegan                                                                                               Ballyhegan v Dromintee

Killeavy v Clann Eireann                                                                                 Clann Eireann v Killeavy

Crossmaglen v Armagh Harps                                                                     Armagh Haprs v Crossmaglen

Carrickcruppen v bye                                                                                     Carrickcruppen v bye


Round 6 Sat 19th May                                                                                     Round 13 Sat 7th July

Carrickcruppen v Killeavy                                                                              Killeavy v Carrickcruppen

Armagh Harps v Dromintee                                                                         Dromintee v Armagh Harps

Clann Eireann v Crossmaglen                                                                      Crossmaglen v Clann Eireann

Ballyhegan v bye                                                                                             Ballyhegan v bye


Round 7 Wed 23rd May                                                                                  Round 14 Wed 11th July

Ballyhegan v Armagh Harps                                                                        Armagh Harps v Ballyhegan

Crossmaglen v Carrickcruppen                                                                   Carrickcruppen v Crossmaglen

Dromintee v Clann Eireann                                                                          Clann Eireann v Dromintee

Killeavy v bye                                                                                                     Killeavy v bye



·         2 way league

·         Team finishes bottom will have no further competition & will be relegated

·         Shield competition for rest of teams


Sat 21st July        Shield Semi Final










Sat 4th August Shield Final






Sun 5th August Div 1 League Final