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GAA Injury Benefit Fund

posted 26 Feb 2015, 06:15 by Jarlath McCann



·         Recent media reports on the Injury Fund highlight the need for clubs, players and members to educate themselves on the purpose, funding, and terms and conditions of the GAA Injury Benefit Fund.

·         The updated summary document on the GAA Injury Benefit Fund can be found on -

·         The GAA Injury Benefit Fund is not insurance. The Injury Benefit Fund is an entirely self-funded benefits cover which is not in place to fully compensate but to supplement other covers such as NHS, Private Health Insurance, employer’s sick pay schemes, etc.

·         Members should not use the fund as their only recourse or be dependent on the fund to compensate them fully for any losses associated with accidental bodily injuries sustained.

·         The Injury Fund is only in place to provide for the reimbursement of otherwise unrecoverable expenses to the benefit limits incurred following accidental bodily injury only.

·         There is no legal obligation on the GAA to provide such a fund. Any person who willingly takes part in sport accepts the risk of injury inherent in participation.

·         It is the responsibility of each individual member to review their own personal circumstances and ensure they have cover in place to meet their own individual needs.

·         This is of particular relevance to players with financial commitments such as mortgages, dependent kin, self-employed persons who do not have access to state benefits and persons employed in roles where no employer’s sick pay scheme exists.

·         In 2014 the fund handled 6,283 claims at a cost of €8.25m. This €8.25m was funded through team subscriptions which contributed €6.14m and was supplemented by a €2.33m contribution from Central Council gate receipts.

·         In addition a further €1m was contributed from Central Council funds to provide for the Injury Fund Reward Rebate of €600,000 and to cover the administration and audit costs of operating the fund.

·         Willis are not the insurers of the Injury Fund; the injury fund is not insurance. Willis are the appointed administrators of the fund. Willis administers the fund on behalf of and on the instruction of the GAA.

·         The National Risk and Insurance Committee as appointed by the Uachtarain and ratified by Ard Comhairle is the committee with responsibility for the administration and validation of the fund on behalf of the Association.

·          The terms and conditions of the fund are under constant review and it is an annual challenge to maintain the fund’s viability.